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At some point or another, you’ll have to consider the value that comes when you outsource content marketing—especially as your business gains momentum and becomes more successful. Finding good help is hard to do, but so is doing everything yourself. Creating and promoting content is basically a full-time gig -and even if you have a small team, sometimes you can’t justify dedicating a full-time person to content marketing and what ends up happening is that it gets pushed to the side, ignored and only executed on a limited basis. So, should your business begin outsourcing? Here are 5 signs that it’s time to consider outsourcing your web development.

1. Using build-It-yourself tools? stop giving yourself a headache!

With all the build-it-yourself website tools out there, it’s easy to think that you can manage this yourself. But it takes more than a landing page with a few words and your logo to convey a professional, accurate and compelling image that draws customers in and leads to sales.

A great website needs to do more than just look slick, it also needs to be optimized to drive conversions like emails and calls as well as give the best level of functionality for visitors. If you’re struggling to stay on top of updating the site or blog and finding that even the most basic coding, design or functional hang-ups give you major headaches, it’s time to find a professional who can help you.

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2. You’re not gocusing 100% on the important aspects of your business

Most often small business owners wear many hats and must learn many new skills. That is great, but sometimes it’s easier to outsource skills that require a lot of attention. Being able to outsource web development allows you to get systems that have been tried and tested by dozens of clients, a development team that’s scaled up accordingly, and a head start on both research and implementation.

Working on your own, it might take you years to plan out of a system for extending your accounts and expenses systems onto a smartphone app, and who knows how long beyond that to implement it. In the meantime, you’re stuck trying to pair up sticky notes and crumpled receipts, while your rivals are simply snapping their paperwork and heading off to their next meeting.

 3. You don’t need a full-time specialist

It doesn’t make sense to have a full-time web developer when you only need a static website. Why hire someone for 25-40 hours a week when you only make changes your website once a week, or biweekly? It’s better to outsource to a web team that can tackle your website changes remotely whenever you are in a need of changes.

 4. You need a team, not one person

A major advantage of outsourcing is that an agency does more than provide an extensive skill set — it can also replace or supplement its talent when necessary. “An agency can always send someone, but if you hire one person, that’s a single point of failure.”

A dedicated staffer poses resource risks in the form of vacations, sick days and sudden departure. And that single creative input can keep projects from reaching their potential. Outsourcing collaborative roles can help projects, campaigns and repeatable processes evolve and stay on schedule.

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5. It’s a short-term project

Most organizations need a conventional website with pages of static information – or they need a blog or a shopping cart system, which can easily be powered by cheap, ready-made software. Others have needs that will likely require code to be custom developed for them. Whichever website your business requires, it will only be required once. After the website has been developed and published, you will no longer need to continuously pay someone for their service.

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Based in Pleasant Hill, California, KHA Creation provides white-label web development services for online marketing agencies. We help agencies like yours create a full-cycle project plan to serve each of your client’s website needs. Chances are you’ve tried outsourcing before and been deeply disappointed in the lack of timely communication, quality of work and even the pricing.  KHA Creation is different, here’s why:

  • Based in Northern California, our headquarters are within the same (or nearly the same) time zone!  This means communication with our team is a breeze.
  • KHA Creation is full of technically brilliant developers.  Our developers are trained in every development platform.  Don’t believe us? Check out some of our work here, here and here.
  • KHA Creation is your low-cost solution.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard “You should raise your prices!” Crazy, right? It’s probably true, and someday we probably will.  But not yet and not for you.


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