SEO for higher ranking- adapting to the latest google algorithms updates

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SEO For Higher Ranking

SEO for higher ranking- adapting to the latest google algorithms updates

Search engine optimization is an ongoing activity. One reason for constantly revising the SEO strategy of your website is to follow and adapt to the recent search algorithms of Google. Being a leading search engine, Google needs to keep a watchful eye on spamming websites and abnormal web practices to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Quest for higher page ranking

Google aims to protect the interests of millions of individuals who use the search engine to get precise information. Frequent algorithm updates ‘punish’ the spamming or abnormal websites by pushing them down on search engine ranking positions (SERPs). This activity is also helpful to protect the reputation of Google as a trustworthy search engine.

Google algorithms focus on a plethora of search engine optimization topics such as copyright infringements, poor quality content, keyword stuffing, plagiarized content, poor optimization of web pages, to name a few. Google rolls out at least one major algorithm update every month and multiple minor updates to deal with malicious SEO practices.

There are close to two hundred factors that decide how your content will rank on the Google search engine. Thankfully, most of these ranking factors are easy to adopt in the SEO strategy by site owners. Aligning the SEO practices of your website with the most recent Google algorithms updates will ensure higher page ranking and improved traffic to stay ahead of your competition.

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Focusing on user experience

Google has been focusing on a better user experience for quite some time by highlighting fast page loading and mobile optimization as the top ranking factors. Customer is the king, is an old cliché, as one can easily understand from the obsession of Google with user experience if you check its latest ranking algorithm for 2021.

Google will focus on UX by analyzing interactions with web pages to assign page rankings. Kha Creation helps you tweak your SEO strategy to incorporate what Google considers as good practice so that you can hope to gain a higher search engine rank for your website.

Google serves users who are looking for the most relevant results to their search requests. Constant refinement of search results helps Google maintain its top position among all search engines. With over 60000 queries per second, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine out there.

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Blending search algorithms with SEO

Google is encouraging SEO professionals and site owners to make user interactions more meaningful and engaging. The recently updated Google page ranking factors push website owners to implement healthy and effective SEO strategies to provide a seamless and gratifying user experience. Web developers need to leverage the new ranking factors to boost search ranking positions.

Following guidelines are worth considering for an enhanced user experience and better search engine rankings as a reward from Google.

  • Provide relevant content – Refine your content strategy and ensure that the content applies to search query terms. Check the originality and relevance of content because these attributes are significant from the page ranking perspective of Google.
  • Browsing safety – Google is leveraging advanced tools to remove websites and other online content for flouting safety norms. Online threats have become a grave concern. You must not include any harmful content that may be detrimental to the safe browsing experience of users.
  • Mobile compatibility – Most users access Google search with the help of their smartphones. You will offer a seamless browsing experience to them only if your site is mobile-friendly. Remember, the user experience is the Holy Grail to achieve higher search engine ranks in Google.
  • Site loading speed – Value the time of users in reaching your web page. The best way to appreciate this is to improve page load times. Latency is detrimental to higher page ranking as users will abandon your site if it is not loading quickly enough.
  • Interactive content – Aim for the content that encourages the user to spend more time on your site. Longer swell times can boost your rankings on Google. We can achieve this by enriching the content with infographics, videos, interactive polls, and so forth.

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Video snippets and PAA

Recent algorithm updates have affected the organic visibility of search responses. We need to focus on sponsored ads, PAAs, direct links to some products, and comparisons. Google provides users with the most relevant search categories as they type the search terms.

One instantly gets product ads based on several factors in response to any search query. Google considers a few factors like:

  • The information in the Google account
  • Location,
  • Activities,
  • Personal details with the advertiser.

A straightforward Search Engine Ranking Page is a thing of the past. The result page response to a search query is now far more complex than it used to be. The most remarkable change is the feature of People Also Ask that throws up relevant questions to the search query.

You can exploit this as a golden opportunity to dive deeper into the minds of users. The questions can provide valuable guidelines while creating relevant content based on specific keywords.  SEO experts can also perform research to know relevant PAA questions for a particular set of keywords. If you feel PAAs apply to your product or service category, then try including those with short and straightforward answers to enhance user experience.

These features help your site rank higher to attract more visitors. Kha Creation believes that great content is about balancing texts and images. We deliver engaging content with text blocks that compliment your website appearance and create a cohesive website design.

Google will continue to roll out newer algorithm updates for encouraging site owners to enhance the user experience of their web pages. It will help Google deliver precise responses to search queries. Providing highly relevant content in a user-friendly environment should always be your goal if you wish being sync with Google policy.

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