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If you are a business owner, there are likely chances that you have considered outsourcing tasks, employees, or some projects to an outsourced team. You may be wondering what the pros and cons of outsourcing your web development projects are, and you may want some expertise on the subject. If you are in or near either the Bay Area or Pleasant Hill, California, KHA Creation is here to help! Here are some pros and cons to outsourcing your work to a web development team.

Pro: save $$$ money on employees!

When you outsource, you can save a lot of money that might be used to hire more employees. You can pay outsourcers as contractors, which negates the need to bring in a new employee to do a job. It can also save time that might be used to hire, as the hiring process is usually very tedious.

Con: loss of control . . . 

As with any decision, it is crucial to weigh equally any positive and negative effects. The biggest con outsourcing presents is the possible lack of control that comes with it. Outsourcers may work remotely or have their own ideas for the business, and this can leave you guessing what they might do. Make sure to outline all expectations before you consider outsourcing.

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Pro: increase productivity!

Not having a developer on site can risk lack of control, but it can also boost productivity. If you have someone working remote, they are likely to be motivated and not need too much direction, which can be good for business. Not everyone is like this, however, so some direction may be necessary.

Con: danger of poor quality . . . 

The possibility of saving time and money is a good enough reason for any company to outsource. Unfortunately, you may also compromise quality with low costs. If the quality delivered is not up to par with company standards, it may not be worth the lower cost. Think about any issues that could come up with quality and decide if it is worth the pursuit.

Pro: access to better technology!

Technology struggles are common for most businesses. Especially if you have a small business, the latest technology for all employees is simply not justifiable due to the cost. If you outsource, there are good chances that the company has good technology and does not need to rely on yours.

Con: poor impact on company culture . . . 

It is easy to focus on outsourcing without considering its effects on the company culture. A positive work culture leads to higher productivity and morale, so it’s important to not jeopardize this. Some of the ways outsourcing might become negative include employees feeling replaced, challenges being added to the workflow and employee confusion. While outsourcing is not always negative towards company culture, it’s important to make sure it does not turn bad quickly.

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