Four reasons you’d be crazy not
to outsource your web development

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Four Reasons Youu2019d Be Crazy NOT To Outsource Your Web Development 2

The internet has been connecting people worldwide for the past two decades – one reason for this growth is due to outsourcing. According to a recent report, outsourcing talent already surpassed the global benchmark of $524.4 billion in 2015, with the IT services outsourcing occupying the major fraction. Outsourcing gives marketing agencies access to a greater pool of talent and low-cost labor which allows them to delegate responsibilities and free up more time. Scaling up your marketing agency may be a major challenge but having an online business means that having a responsive website is essential. With a responsive website comes the need for meeting with the demands of modern customers. This requires using experienced teams that can work quickly to develop software and modify the code (at very low cost) which is an excellent choice for marketing agencies seeking speed, quality, and innovation – at an affordable price.

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Cost savings

A quality website and landing page are absolute musts. Marketing agencies can save time, money and development costs by outsourcing their web application development projects to reliable web app development companies such as KHA Creation. And if properly executed by a company you can trust, it can increase your company’s revenues and profits. Outsourcing software development allows marketing agencies to connect with expert talent that can meet their specific needs at a lower price point. The cost of living varies internationally, so it is much easier to negotiate fair and affordable wages with outsourcing vendors. Low operational costs of good Web application development companies include taxes, rent, rates, etc. In this aspect, they provide low-cost and effective custom Web apps development services to marketing agencies and their clients.

“Outsourcing software development allows companies to connect with expert talent that can meet their specific needs at a lower price point.”

Outsourcing can be the best method for limiting operational expenses and money lost due to employee attrition. An outsourced software development team saves marketing agencies money and time – there’s no need to go through the traditional hiring process or incur the overhead costs associated with new, permanent hires. The outsourcing partner you choose is responsible for selecting the most qualified job candidates, providing them with the tools they need, and having replacements available if a team member unexpectedly leaves the project. Keep in mind that when it comes to software development, what you get is what you pay for. Each company uses different pricing methodologies, hourly rates and assumptions about the type of technologies and functionality you’ll need. Don’t fall for the lowest bid; you’ll either receive a product created by amateurs or the quote includes half of the actual costs. The final cost depends on the kind of product you aim for.

Fewer risks

Your marketing agencies will benefit from a team that focuses solely on software development because internal team members often have numerous tasks to meet each day. This can be distracting and lead to lower team productivity; however, outsourcing the software and web development for your marketing agency brings in a team that can work with no distractions throughout the development process, ensuring a high-quality product that will be delivered on time. The service level agreement between you and your outsourcing provider also mitigates risks by setting the terms for deadlines and the expected outcomes of the project. A good Web application development company provides versatility; Web application development companies who outsource custom Web application development services have a wider view of the world than those who are actually working within the company.

“Outsourcing software and web development brings in a team that can work with no distractions throughout the development process, ensuring a high-quality product that will be delivered on time.”

This ensures less or negligible errors on the development project if you outsource to a good and reliable development company. Efficient communication is the key to a smooth outsourcing of web application development services. Having a productive, open dialog during the entire project is simple enough if you adopt the right approach from day one; settle on the right type of reporting and communication tools such JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, or GoToMeeting to effectively leave open communication.

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More time

Any job whether it’s accounting, content marketing, or development can be time-consuming for your marketing agency especially if you don’t have much background or experience in those areas. Outsourcing to a skilled team who can focus and maintain the necessary tasks needed for your marketing agency can save you immense time. While outsourcing certain elements of your company may seem like a scary way of giving up control of your business – it doesn’t have to be.  Outsourcing to the right team who is better equipped to handle these important tasks will ultimately improve the overall quality of your work.

“While outsourcing certain elements of your company may seem like a scary way of giving up control of your business – it doesn’t have to be.”

Don’t be afraid to give your outsourcing partner entire ownership of your codebase if you choose to outsource your project. You should, of course, have all the respective legal documents and NDAs signed before doing so. You can be able to focus more of your energy on the tasks that will help your startup grow into a successful and thriving business.

Access to world class talent

Internet connectivity has led to the globalization of the workforce and access to top talent worldwide. The physical location of your business is no longer restricting because you can choose an outsourcing company nearshore or offshore for software development. (KHA Creation in Pleasant Hill, California is most likely near or within your timezone, so if this is something you value, reach out anytime.) Significant time zone differences may or may not be a huge disadvantage; some marketing agencies let time zone differences work in their favor by scheduling outsourced staff during the hours that internal teams are off the clock to keep the development process going 24/7. It is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing Web application development services because you will have highly skilled and expert web developers from around the world. With the power of the internet you get access to the entire world with the right skill set for your project; people who are innovative and willing to work on the latest technologies on your behalf.  However, this benefit will not be for you if you don’t outsource your Web application development project to a reliable and well-reputed Web application development company.

Are you an agency owner looking to save time, money and stress? 

Based in Pleasant Hill, California, KHA Creation provides white-label web development services for online marketing agencies. We help agencies like yours create a full-cycle project plan for to serve each of your client’s website needs. Chances are you’ve tried outsourcing before and been deeply disappointed in the lack of timely communication, quality of work and even the pricing.  KHA Creation is different, here’s why:

  1. Based in Northern California, our headquarters are within the same (or nearly the same) time zone!  This means communication with our team is a breeze.
  2. KHA Creation is full of technically brilliant developers.  Our developers are trained in every development platform.  Don’t believe us? Check out some of our work here.
  3. KHA Creation is your low-cost solution.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard “You should raise your prices!” Crazy, right? It’s probably true, and someday we probably will.  But not yet and not for you.



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