5 Simple ways to improve SEO for small business.

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If you’re a small business owner, you probably have many things on your plate already. You want to attract more customers as well as gain an online presence. The first and foremost priority for having a digital presence is to have SEO strategies in place. Kha Creation, a Bay Area SEO company, can do much more than helping you save money with its SEO strategies:

  • It can give you a chance to stand out in your local vicinity and get noticed.
  • It can give your small business a competitive edge over your competitors.
  • It can create an online community that listens to you and wants to do business with you.

Besides a robust digital exposure, hiring our SEO services in Pleasant Hill can help your small business generate hot and organic leads and drive genuine customer traffic to your website. Pew Research Center states that 38% of ordinary users realized most of the highest results in search pages are ads, and that’s the reason why SEO started differentiating between ads and organic results. It is pretty natural to feel stuck and not knowing where to begin. Kha Creation performs a thorough audit of your website and creates dynamic websites that your customers love.

An SEO Tip from our experts at Kha Creation:

Perform keyword research based on the common questions that the audience
asks, and monitor your SEO campaign to get organic site visits.

Give your small business that jumpstart by implementing these powerful and proven Bay Area SEO services and strategies for small business. Get on the bandwagon that makes you capable of swaying the public opinion to your advantage:

1. Content marketing

Designing your website and the surrounding content is critical to your business’s success. Your content should want to meet your clients’ needs. Content marketing is key to your small business SEO strategy. Kha Creation is a SEO agency in Pleasant Hill that cares about your audience, the things they want to read, and wants to improve it. Walden University states that almost 92% of users would click on the results of the first page. Each page of your website has the potential to provide rich and informative content. Pages like About, Products/Services, Contact; offer you immense scope to get creative and run a successful business.

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2. Competitor research and analysis

If you don’t reach your audience with the right content at the right time, someone else will. A proper competitor assessment helps create strategic recommendations. It involves going over the competition’s results with Google Search Console and reviewing your competitors’ rank in organic results. According to a 2012 Google study, if there is no associated organic search result, almost 66% of ad clicks happen on the first page Finding the right keywords, studying competitor strategies, and focusing on local SEO services in San Francisco that work for your business – are the key to attract the target audience. Kha Creation helps your business create impactful content with trustworthy links that generate leads.

3. Building organic results

Search engines thrive on how people search for specific terms. But they want organic and genuine results to show up on their page. Statistics show that 93% of users want to begin their online experiences with a search engine. Organic results don’t just come from specific keywords and phrases. Today, search engines crawl by the Intent behind a particular query that highly focuses on localization. So, instead of “seo services,” an organic keyword with local SEO would look like “seo services in Walnut Creek.”

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4. Site audit and optimization

Your small business’s authority and recognition as a brand is the building block for driving the right people to your website. Ranking pages among the top searches is the key to achieve that awareness. You don’t want your audience to land on your site and understand nothing about the service you offer. Kha Creation is a web development company in Pleasant Hill, that provides search engine optimization and web design services entailing well-thought navigation, sitemap, and categorizing all the site pages

5. Link building

Another vital component of your organic rankings is improving the number of backlinks to your website, boosting website traffic and ROI. Link building stems from finding something useful on the Internet and making something unique and even better out of it. Michigan Tech recommends to make a practice of always using descriptive links by linking keywords. It helps in improving SEO as well as readers gain some value in reading them. A proper table of contents, anchor links, statistics, and case studies – are crucial for building trust among your audience.

Kha creation to your rescue!

If reading these strategies is a struggle for you to understand and implement, our experts at Kha Creation will sort everything out for you, and your audience. Headquartered in Pleasant Hill, our SEO company in California delivers what your customers are looking for.

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