5 Fascinating web design trends for 2021 to boost conversions

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Adopting the latest trends in web design is the most crucial aspect of creating a successful website. Web design trends are perpetually developing, and unless you incorporate the current web design standards, your website will appear stale and uninviting. By embracing the current elements and features, you can boost conversions, which is the holy grail of any business website

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Since the design trends reflect global cultural changes and events, adopting these will make your website more relevant. These trends reflect advances in digital technology, recent web standards, and of course some retro features that keep on recurring just like fashion trends. We share some of the exciting web design trends of 2021 for your perusal.

Reducing site load times for enhanced UX

If you are looking for fresh approaches to using technology to boost your rankings, then infinite scroll and lazy load are worth considering. Slow sites that incorporate third-party integrations and are loaded with resources can impair user experience. You need to rethink your web design in terms of graphical elements and other resources that may pull down the speed of the website.

Lazy loading technology limits content according to a visitor’s preferences and also saves server resources. The on-screen content loading is only in response to the visitor’s scrolling activity. The technology can improve user experience as the site load times reduce to a great extent. Smart websites are becoming increasingly popular because they download only that content, which a visitor wants to see.

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Personalized web content

Business websites and e-commerce portals are reaping benefits of the personalized content, which is automatically served to a visitor based on his or her browsing history. Customers are pleased to dwell on such websites because they are getting custom content. The technology is already enabling search engines to offer unique content to users according to their geo-location or browsing history.

Bespoke content can boost conversions if a visitor is accessing your website repeatedly. Ecommerce websites can increase the basket value of customers by showing their abandoned items during past visits. Personalized content is going to be a highly sought-after web design feature because it is also being demanded by visitors.

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Rediscovering the grace of retro fonts

Web design trends share a common feature with fashion trends where old styles keep on resurfacing. Some of the retro fonts seem to steal the limelight in 2021. Interestingly, these fonts appear in more graceful and refreshingly classy forms. Thanks to larger screens and better screen resolutions, retro fonts such as serif font are more than they were during the bygone era of CRT screens.

Google fonts offer a variety of attractive options, including Times and Georgia that are receiving special attention from designers. Greater legibility and clarity seem to be the most important attributes while selecting the fonts. There is also a remarkable preference for graceful fonts that are sure to become highlights of web design trends in 2021.

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Bigger and bolder typography is in vogue now

There is a distinct trend of using bigger and bolder fonts to drive home the point. These are true if the message is not wordy. Using simple words that are easy to understand is also one of the noticeable trends in 2021. We can also incorporate the standalone text in bold font with animated backgrounds or a flat backdrop. Ideally, a simple background helps highlight the text better.

Bigger letters can convey a message more effectively. Pay attention to the text’s responsive nature and check how the small screens will display bigger fonts. Using a serif or any other trendy typeface with a simple background will further enhance the impact.

We had used big and bolder typography for one of our recent clients, Black Diamond roofing. Using such district typography gave the website a very futuristic and appealing look. Does your website need a makeover? Our team of web designers at Kha Creation can build a stylish and exclusive web design for your business.

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Return of horizontal scrolling 

Web designing is all about experimenting with a myriad of features of the website to gain the attention of visitors and to engage them in exploring the web resource. No wonder, several web designers are reinventing the horizontal scroll. The fresh perspective of horizontal scrolling is sure to make the website look different, but there is a more profound reason for adopting the horizontal scroll.

Horizontal scrolling is more logical than vertical scroll. The horizontally progressive images and information mimics the art gallery and provides a far simpler way to present the information. However, as the users are so much used to scrolling vertically, it would be better if you can provide this as an option rather than making it a forceful compulsion. The horizontal progression is more suitable for exposing images rather than textual information.

Black revolution in the offing

If you are thinking of a pleasant color scheme, then just give a thought to using a dark mode as it will adorn more and more screens in 2021. The black backdrop offers an ideal setting to project the key design elements. Black is also making its presence felt as several motifs, outlines, and a plethora of elements appear in the dark color. [

Black is a highly sophisticated color and is also a favorite shade of the millennial generation. Accentuation with black borders has a definite impact on dwell time. The user gets engaged with the black borders and is sure to read the content that is enclosed within black borders. With full attention and increased dwell time, your website will rank higher and facilitate more conversions. 


Attractive and clean websites that incorporate minimalism and animation are going to grab higher rankings in 2021 and usher more and more prospects for assured conversions. The time is ripe to embrace the new web design trends and update your existing websites.

Now that you have identified some of the exciting web design trends that can revive your business website, make sure to review your website with the help of professionals. Kha Creation LLC is a well-established web design and development company that can provide affordable web solutions for all your business requirements.

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