3 Quick tips for finding a white label web developer

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3 Quick Tips for Finding a White Label Web Developer 2

It is not always wise to hire the first promising developer you come across to  outsource your web development. It is essential to understand who you are dealing with as the horror stories of costs ballooning out of control, projects not done on time and product that is not on par with what you expected. Here are some quick tips to remember when you are looking for the best web developers to outsource your work and boost productivity.

1. Do your research 

It’s always best to check their previous client’s websites. How sophisticated are they as developers? How relevant is their experience? Research who you will be engaged with. Not just on a search engine, but also check their LinkedIn profile, find relevant forums they are in, check their reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Look for red flags, but take any individual data points you find with a grain of salt. Patterns are most likely to be accurate. Ask for references and specific recommendations, not generic ones. Customer satisfaction is important, and it is vital when trusting a new developer with your business.

“Check their LinkedIn profile, find relevant forums they are in, check their reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.”

 2. Ask lots of questions via video or phone! 

First impressions are critical. If a company is not organized during the initial period when they are courting you, what can you expect from them during the production stage? Response time is a good indicator. Do they care? Some developers are hard to reach due to time zone differences; you shouldn’t be working with someone like that. Spend some time in the beginning getting to know your developer. If the project manager doesn’t invite you on a call or video conference, you should request one. Write down all the questions you may have for the developer and ask them during the call to understand their responses better. A phone call tells you a lot more about a person than email, and a video call is even better.

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 3. Understand your necessities 

Before researching for a web developer for you or your marketing agency, it’s best to understand exactly what you need. It will allow you to ask the appropriate questions, which will enable you to filter out all the developers that may not be right for you. Understand the difference between a designer and a programmer. Do you want your website to be vibrant with animation and color? Hire a designer. Do you want a simple functioning responsive website? A programmer will do the trick. The web developer should have the adequate tools to tackle all the tasks you ask of them. To obtain the best one for your situation, dedicate time to comprehend what it is that you need entirely. Do not wait until your head is underwater to hire a freelancer.

Are you an agency owner looking to save time, money and stress? 

Based in Pleasant Hill, California, KHA Creation provides white-label web development services for online marketing agencies. (Here is a convenient map to our offices.) We help agencies like yours create a full-cycle project plan to serve each of your client’s website needs. Chances are you’ve tried outsourcing before and been deeply disappointed in the lack of timely communication, quality of work and even the pricing.  KHA Creation is different, here’s why:

  • Based in Northern California, our headquarters are within the same (or nearly the same) time zone!  This means communication with our team is a breeze.
  • KHA Creation is full of technically brilliant developers.  Our developers are trained in every development platform.  Don’t believe us? Check out some of our work here, here and here.
  • KHA Creation is your low-cost solution.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard “You should raise your prices!” Crazy, right? It’s probably true, and someday we probably will.  But not yet and not for you.


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